NEPSL Power Soccer Tournament (UNH)

Date: Saturday, January 27th, 2024

Please see the information for the upcoming NEPSL Power Soccer tournament.  It’s very exciting to see that we have 9 teams participating.

As you can see we have a tight schedule with 13 games to complete in our allotted gym time.
I staggered the start times to improve the speed testing process.

I need to stress that a tournament of this size needs to have every team completely ready to go 30 minutes prior to your game so that speed testing can be 100% completed several minutes before the game time.

It is still not decided if we will be playing upstairs or on the first floor.  We should know that answer later this week and I will make sure that all of the teams are aware in advance of January 27th.

Upstairs provides more space but it does require some additional time to get there.

University of New Hampshire
Hamel Recreation Center
<a href=” Edgewood Road Durham, NH?entry=gmail



Court 1 Home   Away Court 2 Home   Away
9:30am NEP Wildcats vs. Juni
10:00am NEP Thundercats vs. Commonwealth Cruisers
10:30am NEFC vs. Boston
11:00am Baystate Falcons vs. Vermont Chargers
11:30am Juni vs. NEFC
12:00pm NEP Thundercats vs. Upper Valley Wheelers
12:30pm NEP Wildcats vs. Baystate Falcons
1:00pm Commonwealth Cruisers vs. Vermont Chargers
1:30pm Juni vs. Boston
2:00pm Commonwealth Cruisers vs. Upper Valley Wheelers
2:30pm NEP Wildcats vs. NEFC
3:00pm NEP Thundercats vs. Vermont Chargers
3:30pm Boston vs. Baystate Falcons

Lunch will be provided for players, coaches, referee’s, and volunteers.


Jan 27 2024


All Day


UNH - Hamel Recreation Center
5 Edgewood Road Durham, NH

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