About Us

We are people with disabilities providing resources and support to others with disabilities and those who want to improve access. We are based in Boston but strive to assist all who see benefit to our services.

For more information about the Boston Self Help Center, please email Jim Wice at: info@bostonselfhelpcenter.org


Boston Self Help Center (BSHC) is a 501c3 begun in 1978 based on a peer to peer support model of working with individuals with disabilities which continues now into our 43rd year.  Over these many years we have found our programs and constituents involved in numerous activities which have included peer-to-peer support groups, paratransit transportation advocacy for those with physical disabilities, and more recently over the past eight years we have focused on adaptive sports and recreation in particular power wheelchair soccer. With this experience and relationships with area colleges providing volunteer student support, our ability to identify and incorporate individuals with spinal cord injuries, an active volunteer Board of Directors, and a strong relationship with a community facility with a gymnasium and other resources, we feel uniquely positioned to expand our role in adaptive sports and recreation through the project we are proposing with the Reeve Foundation to provide a mobile adaptive sports and recreation equipment demonstration program for individuals with spinal cord injuries.

After 8 years of competitive power wheelchair soccer play with our team always being competitive and the organization meeting players needs and the needs to remain a member of the United States Power Soccer Association, we understand what it takes to introduce new individuals with spinal cord injuries to an adaptive sport and to help those who are interested obtain equipment for themselves or for the organization to do so. To accomplish this, we have coordinated access to facilities, transported players, scheduled volunteers and run our own successful annual tournament, and compete at the annual national tournament and more.

Board of Directors:

Earnest Aupperlee
Kathleen Brown
Betty Commerford
Kim Damato
Darrrell Harrison
Jim Farrow, Treasurer
Karen Natola
Jim Wice, Chairman