Volt Hockey

Volt Hockey, played in power wheelchairs in Europe and Canada, arrived for the first time to the United States in Boston last year. There are very few sports that allow individuals with disabilities with both upper and lower body mobility impairments to compete. The Boston “Whiplash” Volt Hockey team, being brought by the nonprofit Boston Self Help Center, is expected to excite and encourage individuals with disabilities to play this indoor, 4 on 4, street hockey like game. Expectations are high that this will then spread across New England and the United States as did a similar sport that the nonprofit sponsors, power wheelchair soccer.

US Volt Hockey Association

The United States Volt Hockey Association was founded in 2022 by the Boston Self Help Center (BSHC) to serve as the main governing and organizational body for volt hockey in the US. Originally created in Denmark in the 1990s, volt hockey has since become a popular adaptive sport for people with physical disabilities across Europe, Canada, and now here in the United States. With the help of local and national new stations, Northeastern University, and other disability non-profits, volt hockey is quickly gaining attention as another opportunity for people with disabilities to participate in sports.  

September 16-18, 2022: Volt Hockey World Cup in Sweden!
We are all excited at Boston Self Help Center to be sending off our wheelchair/volt hockey team, the first in the United States, to compete in the 1st Volt Hockey World Cup in Gävle, Sweden. Please share the following to your social media and anywhere else you think appropriate.

On to Sweden for the BSHC (https://bostonselfhelpcenter.org/) Whiplash volt hockey team as the only United States athletes to compete in the World Cup.  You can keep track of their progress September 16 through the 18th and watch the action on the website: https://wcvh.se/


Boston’s “Whiplash” Volt Hockey Team ready for the World Cup here in Sweden!

VOLT Hockey Boston hits WGBH at the link below. Check us out!

In my other life, I have been involved in Boston Self Help Center promoting and playing power wheelchair soccer and now introducing volt hockey for the first time to the United States. It is exciting to see we are getting some press. – Jim Wice

Please contact Jim Wice at Boston Self Help Center at, jjwice@gmail.com or 617-777-3861 for more information.

As we move forward, we embrace this history in support of ourselves and others with disabilities. Our power wheelchair soccer team, the Boston Brakers (BostonSelfHelpCeter.org/Boston-Brakers), continues to thrive and grow while continuing to need funds to sustain this momentum.  Our BSHC goals include increasing the number of soccer participants and teams in the Boston area and exploring other recreational and sports opportunities for those with disabilities who are not finding these types of adaptive outlets.  We welcome inquiries about our services and encourage people with disabilities and their allies to contact us for assistance.

BSHC and the Boston Brakers are dependent upon individual donations from supporters of our mission and programs; our mailing address is 1534 Tremont Street, Boston MA 02120. Donations are tax deductible.